factory Mesi

Born in Italy, grown up in Romania

R&D activities are carried out in the Caselle Torinese factory, where Mesi has been based for over 70 years. This facility is also used as a hub for the supply of chemical processing aids, as well as for the distribution of the leather for the domestic market. Tanning and dyeing operations are carried out in the Transylvanian town of Sebis, famous for ovine leather craftsmanship.  

factory tanning Mesi

Finishing touches

The finishing touches are then applied in the new factory in Maracineni, Romania. Here the chamois leather becomes a finished product, ready for the shelves of large retailers, while the skiver is given the properties necessary for use in manufactured goods. 

Mesi Italy and Romania

Two factories in perfect harmony

The two factories work together in perfect harmony: the long-standing Italian tradition of leather manufacturing is combined with the Romanian spirit; new to industrialisation, but ready to learn and apply the best processing techninques. 


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